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A Disaster Story

The drought of 1988 left the corn and soybeans on the Broerman's 1200 acres, small, dry, and brittle, The ground was like concrete, and nothing grew. Julius Broerman was not new to farming. He had grown up farming with his father, and had started his own farm in the early 1970's. But he had never had insurance.

The Broerman's suffered a catastrophic production loss in 1988 as a result of the drought. With no yields, they had nothing to sell to market, and no way to make payments on their land. To make matters worse, they didn't even have enough money to buy seed for next year's crops.

They started searching for a way out, approaching banks and lenders to help them in their financial crisis. They found one sympathetic lender that would loan them the money to make their land payments and buy seed for the following year. But he had one condition... you MUST get crop insurance.

The Broerman Insurance Agency was founded in 1989, as a result of the drought of 1988. Because of their crop failure, they recognized the importance of "risk management" and discovered that buying crop insurance was an affordable way to manage their risk. The Broermans established their agency to help other farmers in the same way. Today Broerman Insurance Agency specializes in crop and agriculture insurance, and they insure farms in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.